Krysi’s Campaign Priorities

Priority ONE

Improving Quality of Life

Improving Public Spaces, Streets, Sidewalks, and Parks

Our parks and streets department has been highly understaffed over the past several years resulting in the staff not being able to achieve needed improvements and maintenance. They are a dedicated group of individuals, and I hope to advocate for that department to resolve the problems we are so frequently confronted with.

Supporting our Police and Fire Departments

Last election voters approved Measure U, a 1% sales tax increase. This has already started to make a positive difference in our community. I will continue to support our police and fire departments. 

Priority TWO

Supporting Small Business

The economic effects of COVID-19 threaten small businesses. I want to ensure our city is doing everything it can to get needed resources and support to ensure sustainability. Small businesses provide jobs, sales tax to fund needed projects and maintenance and offer lifestyle improvements; these things push progress forward. 
I believe it is important to simplify the process of starting and operating a business in Oroville. Our population is growing, and the demand for quality retail and restaurant options grows with that. I am often discouraged by residents who feel the need to go out of town for good dining and shopping. 
I love our downtown. I believe its charm and history are an asset to our community and downtown needs the attention that it deserves.  Visit »

Priority THREE

Harness our
Community Strengths

We have so many caring community members and dedicated organizations doing their part through the community. I believe it’s vital to have collaborative partnerships and open communication to achieve our goals. For too long, our community has been divided. If we want to make Oroville the best it can be, we need to move past division and work together. I believe I can help do this; I have worked hard to develop positive relationships with community leaders across the spectrum of ideas and beliefs. This allows me to make well-informed decisions, reconcile differences of others, and be the best representative for our community. 

Priority FOUR

Celebrate our
Natural Resources

Oroville has so many natural resources and community strengths that aren’t reaching their potential.

We have amazing waterways, open space, and opportunities for outdoor activities.

As a city council member, I will advocate for improvements to these areas and opportunities to enjoy the many benefits of our community.

I really believe we have it all. 


Krysi Riggs

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